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New to TMP in 2020 are our Inspirational Stories!

Inspirational Stories from all kinds of runners with TMP.

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Nickie Sattler completes 10K in 1:30:07
Event: Marine Corps MCM 10K held 11/03/2020
Sponsored in Arlington, VA

I was honored to travel to where my son is currently stationed so that we could complete this 10K together. He's a new M...
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Paul Neidhart completes Marathon in 6:18:52
Event: Marine Corps Marathon and MCK 10k held 10/31/2020
Sponsored in Arlington, VA

This was a good year for races; ironically because of the pandemic and the ensuing shutdown of all live events. I hadn't...
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Katy Swanson completes 10k, Marathon, 50k in 01:00:46, 05:22:36, 07:19:01
Event: MCM 10k, Marathon, 50k held 10/25/2020
Sponsored in Washington, DC

What a strange year this has been. I ran my first MCM marathon in 2018 & it was my first & I thought my last. I had alw...
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Alysia Simmons completes Marathon in 07:49
Event: Marine Corps Marathon held 10/17/2020
Sponsored in Arlington , VA

This was my very first marathon. And my first Marine Corps Marathon. I walked this with my sister. I went to DC last yea...
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Tracy Della Vecchia completes 2 Miles in 0:32:15
Event: Military Appreciation Virtual Run held 05/24/2020
Sponsored in Columbia, MO

My Marine son did three combat deployments during his four years in the Corps between 2001-2005. In that time, I learned...
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